How to i will get masters for checkbox in Enumeration can anyone explain?

1.From Where I can find the master please show me the i can find the masters list for checkbox and dropdown i want to achieve
how i can find?
2. How to show only one checkbox in Ui? it will achieveable using master or inside any property in checkbox?

You can select 1 in “Max in row” from properties section of that checkbox, then you will see only 1 checkbox in your build.
Can you describe your first question?

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Hi @Deekshant_Singhal, sharing the answer to your 1st query:

In order to configure the master data for the elements like Checkbox group, Dropdown etc, you will have to configure an Enumeration first.

  • Creation of Enumeration:

    1. In the “Data Modeler” module, click the “Create Enumeration” option and provide a name to your Enum.

    2. Now provide a ‘Key’ to your enum and whatever consent you want to provide, input the same in the ‘Value’ of the enum. Save once done.

  • Checkbox configuration:

    1. Open vDesigner-2.0’s canvas and go to the properties of the Checkbox group.
    2. Select the “Input Source” as ‘Enumeration’ and in the “Select Master”, select the enumeration having the consent details.

    1. Now you can check the implementation on your build.