How to get the output of each Header template?

I am trying to create a header bar in vFlow but somehow it is not rendering properly

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It is regarding application level header as it only consist templates.

To get the output of each Header template. Currently, you will have to configure and then check it on the application.

To be specific about the configuration:
vFlow-> Custom pages

  1. Within custom pages, Click on Add custom entity and choose Header.
  2. We have ‘Five’ different templates available within it. Every template have a different output.
  3. Provide basic details and then submit it. Which will enable the Element tab within header.
  4. Choose required element from the list of elements available.
  5. Configure that by providing the basic details. Mainly you can choose either you want to use that element for ‘User section’ or ‘Side naviagtion’.
  6. Submit the element. Save header, Publish it and sync.