How to get data from vConnect Service in vFlow?

How to get data from the vConnect Service in vFlow?

We need to choose the API task from the Task group.

In configuration section : Write the name of ‘service’ in it(Make sure to write the exact same name as written in vConnect).

In client-to-server communication (C2S),Have to provide the key name , Type and data path from where you have to fetch the data from the client(Specifically in this case, keep C2S blank).

In server-to-client (S2C), Provide Key name, Type and Data path as per the API object.


To get the component refreshed whenever any changes made to data, You will have to add ‘INVOKE_ENTITY’.

  1. Add another task within the same task group.
  2. Provide basic details in that task.
  3. In configuration section : Add the required Queue component in the ‘component Id section’.
  4. Submit the task & Task group.

Create Event

  1. Add new ‘On Load’ event.
  2. Bind that task group into this event.
  3. Map this Event in the Dependents section of the page.
  4. Submit the page, Publish it and sync it with release manager.
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