How to do masking

How can i mask a part of a input field.
like i want to mask all the digits of aadhar number except the last 4, how can i do that?


To configure masking element follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Component tab and Add/Edit Fieldset Component.
  2. Enter basic details and navigate to Element tab.
  3. Click on Add element button and select the MASKING element.
  4. Under the property section, provide the Masking Character Indexes (start index, end index, masking character).
  5. To add separator between the numbers, provide the separator pattern and interval in the Character Separation field.
  6. Max Length validation is required for masking.

Properties section of Masking Element:

Screenshot from 2023-08-30 17-17-44


thanks @ShraddhaDhoke :+1:

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