How to create MicroVRT from source code using docker compose

This post is regarding creating a MicroVRT from the source code.

You just need to perform 5 steps to install MicroVRT

  1. Prepare VM: Provision the VM (Ubuntu, Amazon Linux 2 - Tested). You can also install MicroVRT on any other VM. It is just not tested.
  • Set VM’s timezone to Asia/Kolkata
  • Create swap memory with RAM + 2GB size. For e.g. for 16G create 18G Swapfile.

Note: Amazon Linux 2023 has some problem with docker. It consumes all the memory available so not recommended.

  1. Configure AWS CLI and Login: Install aws cli for downloading aws images. Then run following commands:
aws configure
$(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region ap-south-1)
  1. Install Docker: Install docker Latest version with compose 2 version. consult the official docker website for the steps. Install Docker Engine | Docker Docs .
    Make sure docker is running without sudo . Read Linux post-installation steps for Docker Engine | Docker Docs
    You can check compose using following command
    docker compose --help

  2. Unzip the MicroVRT source code on to the desired location. for e.g. /opt/decimal/vrt/. Rename the docker file according to the environment (8/ 16/ 32)

  3. cd to folder and run docker compose up -d. For e.g.

cd /opt/decimal/vrt/
docker compose up -d

That’s all and your VRT is up.


  1. This will also install DMS and Event Manager. Please change DMS properties accordingly.
  2. AGENT_ID and AGENT_SECRET needs to be updated in sync-engine properties as per the new environment.

HI Vinay,

Does this also installs, logging agent and elasticsearch for vLogs?

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Yes it does install these services it I recall it properly