How to create a parent-children relationship in Enumerations and Dropdowns?

I want to display the selected value for one of my dropdown menus based on the choice made by the user in the first dropdown menu.

To implement this functionality using Enums and Dropdowns, follow these steps:

  1. Create two Enumerations: Enum1 for countries and Enum2 for states.
  2. Populate Enum1 (Country) with keys and corresponding values.

  1. Populate Enum2 (States) with keys and corresponding values.

  2. On the first dropdown, assign an OnClick event and configure it to trigger the “Reload Elements” task. Select your second dropdown as the target for reloading.

  3. Configure the parent element ID on your second dropdown.

These steps will enable you to dynamically showcase the appropriate values in the second dropdown based on the selection made in the first dropdown.