How to convert String to JSON in IGW Output Template?

I have received below output response from a third party API, How I can convert this to json and get the value of PANStatus using IGW output template.

"{\"Data\":[{\"PANumber\":\"1234567890",\"PANStatus\":\"EXISTING AND VALID\",\"Title\":\"Shri\",\"NameOnPANCard\":\"Naveen Kumar Gupta\",\"FirstName\":\"Naveen\",\"MiddleName\":\"Kumar\",\"LastName\":\"Gupta\",\"DateOfBirth\":\"0000-00-00\",\"IsAadharSeeded\":\"Aadhaar Seeding is UnSuccessful\"}]}"

A working template will be very helpful.

@Mayank @naks Is there any way fir this?