How to configure VRT in VAHANA

how to add VRTs(Vahana Runtime) and binding that VRT with Environment.


VRT stands for Vahana Runtime Engine, it covers all components which consumes Configurations generated via Vahana Developer Portal and renders behaviour accordingly.

It is divided into three different layers,

  • Mobile VRT Engine - This component helps to dynamically changes application behaviour without installing the APK, iOS and PWA for the mobile platform
  • WEB Operation Portal VRT Engine - This component only uses for creating WEB application like BackOffice or Operations system.
  • MiddleWare VRT Engine - This components covers end to end MiddleWare system which enables customer to execute API, Define Logics, Enable security etc

Kindly see the below attached video in which clearly mentioned that in VAHANA how to create VRT and bind that VRT with Environment. Please go through below attached video


Follow these steps to configure a new VRT.

Note: This assumes that you have made the request to provision new VRT server to Infra team and your VRT server is up and running:

  1. Login to Developer Console (

  2. Go to Environments

  3. Click on VRT’s tab and then click on Create VRT. Following screen will be opened

  4. Enter VRT Name of your desize (Typically named after type of environment we want to create for eg, DEV, SIT, UAT, Preprod, Prod etc)

  5. Enter the server path where you can installed your VRT services (for eg:

  6. Click on Create button

  7. Post create, click on view button( :eye:) of the newly created VRT and copy Agent ID and Secret key and share it to Infra team

That’s all, your newly created VRT server is up for consumption.