How to configure Open Web task using entities?

How can I configure open-web tasks using an entity? Whenever I map a URL within an entity, the debugger indicates that no URL has been found. Could you guide me on properly setting up open-web tasks with entities, and explain why the debugger might not recognize the mapped URL?

To configure an Open Web task using an entity, follow these steps along with integrating the Copy Data task:

  1. Begin by mapping the OnClick event to a button.
  2. Map the Open Web task to the button.
  3. Create an entity, assigning any name you prefer. The content of this entity should consist of an image representing your URL.

Screenshot from 2024-04-09 11-41-43

  1. Integrate this entity within your task.
  2. Next, incorporate the Copy Data task into the workflow.
  3. Utilize the static function within the Copy Data task.

  1. In this task, you’ll assign the URL using the static function to the URL attribute of your object.

This process ensures seamless integration of an entity with the Open Web task while incorporating the Copy Data task for efficient data management.