How to configure Filters on a page with multi-select in vFlow

Is it feasible to configure Filters on a page with multi-select in vFlow?
In this, a user should have option to select filter to view the data received in an DBES API.
Also, in that filter option, he/she could choose to apply multiple options in the filter.


There is no such element or component on vFlow for filter the data on the page… but there’s a temporary solution which I have configured in one of my project.

There I have configured a header on the above of FV in the Page In which there’s a button for Add Filter.

On the click of the button a popup appears with the provided filter values in the form of checkbox. (Data in the checkbox will also come from an DBES API)

After the selection of filter values you can click on Apply filter and there I send the selected filter values in DBES API as request and will receive the filtered value of table as response. Then just close the popup and invoke the table… your filtered data is ready.


By this approach, you can achieve your requirement easily.


Thanks @Nikhil.Dhanda I suppose this will call an API everytime a filter it used.
Could be better but will work as an alternate