How to configure End Point Path Param Details?

How to configure Name, Source of Value, Value in the End Point Path Param details?

Hi @Parul.mogha, these parameters occur when we choose “Is the URL have dynamic path variables”

These endpoint path parameters correspond to the dynamic path variables:

  • Name: Enter the name of the parameter.
  • Source of Value:
    1. Builtin: Choose an already created variable.
    2. Constant: Provide a fixed value for the variable, such as a port number (e.g., 4000).
    3. Environment: Use this when providing a URL as a parameter for your API.
    4. Header: These values are fetched from the query parameters of your header.

These are the values you want to fetch from the query parameters of your Header.

  1. Request Body: Use this when you need to take input from the user as a parameter.

In the value part, you will have to create variables or provide keys as per your choice of source of value.

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