How to configure back button on the left of header page to go back on previous page?

How to configure the back button on the left of the header page to go back to the previous page?

  1. Add Header Element: Drag and drop a header element onto your canvas.
  2. Place Icon in Header: Drag an icon onto the header and position it to the left.
  3. Select Back Icon: In the properties panel, choose the back icon from the Material Icons library.

Screenshot from 2024-04-23 12-24-20

  1. Set OnClick Event: Set the OnClick event for the icon to trigger an action when clicked.

  2. Search for “Previous Page” Task: In the execution panel, search for the “Previous Page” task.

  3. Select and Save Task: Once found, select the “Previous Page” task and save your selection.
    Screenshot from 2024-04-23 12-28-41

  4. Test Navigation: Clicking the icon in the header should now navigate you to the previous page