How to change service scope in vConnect (without Release manager)?

There are instances when a new service is being configured with the scope set by-default to “User level session”, but we are calling that service from a java code or custom application which is not maintaining a user session
In such cases, how can I change a service scope?


Below are the steps for changing the scope of a service in vConnect (without release manager):

  1. Go to Vahana developer portal (
  2. Search for “vConnect” and click on the module
  3. Go to “Recent Services”
  4. Go to “Service Management” tab
  5. Search for the service for which you want to change the scope
  6. Under “Actions” column, click on Edit icon image
  7. Under “Service Configuration” click on “Update Draft Version”
  8. Under “Actions”, click on the Edit icon
  9. Choose the appropriate option under “scope” dropdown, “Without session” if you are accessing it from java code or “Device level session” if you are calling it form a custom application:
  10. Click on “Save” icon
  11. Click on “Publish with existing version”
  12. Now, sync the API using below steps
    How to SYNC API/service in Vahana (without Release manager)? - #2 by VivekBhardwaj

Follow below steps to SYNC (in app without release manager):