How to avoid returning a response to a service in vConnect, if it is not required?

There are some cases when API execution is required on backend to insert/update some data or to perform certain other functions. In such cases response of that service is not needed by front end.
How can we avoid returning the response to the service in vConnect?


This can be achieved while configuring the API & service in vConnect.

Follow below steps for existing services:

  1. Go to vConnect
  2. Go to Service Management
  3. Search for the service you want to avoid getting response
  4. Click on Edit service icon (image)
  5. Scroll down to find “Is Response Required”, as below:
  6. Change the value to “N”
  7. Click on “Update” button
  8. Click on “Save”
  9. SYNC

And you are done :slight_smile:


Follow below steps for new services:

  1. Go to vConnect
  2. Go to API Management
  3. Create the required API
  4. Go to Service Management
  5. Click on “Add New Service”
  6. Enter the Service Details
  7. Go to “API Registration” tab
  8. Fill in the details and scroll down below to find “Is Response Required”, as below:
  9. Click on “Save” button
  10. SYNC