How to add new CSS classes on entities to apply CSS styles

How to add Custom CSS classes on any entity and add css styles on the newly created classes?

  1. Navigate to any Entity tab. For example, Page. Add a new page or edit any existing page.
  2. Open the UI Properties section, and mention classes in the ‘Add Custom Classes’ section. (For Page, Form, Components, Elements)
  3. Multiple classes can be added on the entities by giving comma separated values. (For eg. test-page-css,page-css-class ).
  4. For Header and Footer, go to Header/Footer Tab, add or edit any header/ footer, open style section and mention the css classes in ‘Add Custom Classes’ section.
  5. For Page Layout Row, Page Layout Column, Form Layout Row and Form Layout Column, ‘Add Custom Classes’ field is visible once you open the entity.

For Page, Form, Components, Elements :