How do I know DMS UPLOAD_MEDIA IS Working or Not?

I am facing a problem in vDesiner2 no document found for dmsId in some case.

Unable to see UPLOAD_MEDIA logs in vLogs.

please suggest.

To verify that upload media is working fine or not you can check and verify it from the logs within the application.

Steps involved:

  1. Navigate to the desired screen.
  2. Perform File Upload/Open Camera task.
  3. I assume that Upload media task is mapped right after File Upload/Open Camera task.
  4. Open Logs → WF Logs and find the Upload Media Task as shown in the image.

For any further queries please feel free to comment below.


@Paras_Gupta Thanks for the details, But its seems it worked only at the development time,
What about the production issue? How we can debug this on production?

for that you can explore Stop on Error option in the Universal Properties of the Upload Media task.

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