How can we give a suitable resolution of the image . so that we do not have to increase the size of the image again and again?

recently we have faced image sizes issues in our production environment while capturing any document. i.e first we kept the image size at 500 KB and then after the issue came we increased the image size at 1MB. Even after giving 1 MB size, the issue came, then after discussing with the product team, we increased the image size to 2 MB. still same problem with the image resolution (720*1280).

But the client and we want that the size of the image should not change again and again. If we can give a standard resolution which will not affect the image quality and our work will also be done.

NOTE : Please give us a standard image resolution or image size or compression size. so that we do not face this problem again and again.

Awaiting for the reply…

@tushar.jain , fyi,

@tushar.jain @naks @Vinay_Pratap_Singh could you guys answer this?

What @Vishal_Chakarvarti is asking a standard file size, format, and resolution that will be easily processed by the system. The Mobile VRT should handle these images so that their file size should not increase beyond a point like it happens in Whatsapp.