How can I use filter function in designer 2.0?

I have a page that has data in the list. Now I want to search on that page.

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  1. First, drag and drop the input field onto the canvas where you enter the word you want to search by.

  2. Next, create a Business Rule Engine (BRE) for the matching functionality. It should be structured like this: OBJ(Key_name) == inputfield_reference_id. Here, Key_name represents the key by which you want to search.

  3. Now, map the “Copy data” task to the onSuffixClick event of the input field.

  4. In the “Copy from” panel, utilize the “FILTER” function. It requires two parameters: a list containing the entity and the BRE you created earlier.

  5. Use the entity in the “Copy to” tab to implement this search functionality.

  6. Then you have to use a reload task to reload your list.

  7. As you have a API response before searching is like :

  8. But, when you enter a word, you will receive only the data that matches your searched word like in below image :
    Screenshot from 2024-05-10 15-01-06

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