How can I get Vahana 2 CUG vConnect access?

How can I get Vahana 2 CUG vConnect access?

This might help

I am asking about how I can login to Vahana 2 developer portal vConnect?

@naveen.gupta To access the vConnect module:

  1. Open the Internet browser.
  2. In the Address box, enter the URL of the Vahana portal.
  3. Press Enter, the login page opens.

  1. On the login page, in the Email address box, enter your registered email ID.
  2. Click Continue, the Password box appears.
  3. In the Password box, enter your Vahana account’s password.
  4. Click Log In, the Vahana portal’s home page opens.
  5. On the home page, in the right panel, find the nine-dot icon ()
  6. Click the nine-dot icon (), the right panel expands.
  7. In the right panel, under Modules, under Vahana Tools, click Applications, and the Vahana portal displays the list of different applications.
  8. In the Search filter box, enter the name of app and then find it.
  9. After you find the app, click it, and the application displays the app dashboard.
  10. On the dashboard, find the left navigation panel.
  11. In the left navigation panel, find the Vahana Integration icon ( ).
  12. Click the Vahana Integration icon (), the Vahana Integration page opens.
  13. On the Vahana Integration page, click vConnect, and the vConnect module’s home page opens.