How are Input Parameters used in Conditional or Rule based Task Status?

Input Parameters play a crucial role in Conditional or Rule based Task Status by providing the necessary information for applying rules or conditions. They enable decision-making based on the current state of tasks and custom logic.

It would be better if you could explain it bit more.

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sure, so basically to define the rules or conditions if Task & Status mapping is dependent on rules.
And Conditional or Rule based Task Status can be done using:
 Input Parameters:-
- Based on existing tasks & their status
- Based on custom logic (via service)

Let’s say an example of a Saving Account onboarding journey in which we have to add Guardian details (Mandatory) and conditions on Guardian (age >=18) so, we have to attach a rule while mapping of Task & status with event (action)

I hope that the details works, screenshots of these rules and conditions of the admin portal are given above
Let me know for any questions or clarifications