Google Maps in vDeisgner 2.0

Can I open google map with address? I don’t have the latitude and longitude. There are two scenario’s that I want to cover.

  1. I want to open map for Delhi location.
  2. I want to open the map with user’s current location.
    How I can do this?

No, Right now the “Open Maps” task is only working for latitude and longitude values. If you don’t have it will don’t work.


Thanks shubham for the clarification.

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For address, google map will not open right now. For scenario’s workaround below is the explanation:

  1. You cannot fetch the location of delhi city, You can call an API and manage the lat long fetching there then you will be able to open the maps for specific location.
  2. For current location you can apply a task to fetch users current location and then save it in a path then you can open the maps from that location.

Nice explanation Tushar Jain.