Explain Data Source in vFlow

Explain Data Source in vFlow.

A data source is a is front-end incorporated data storage layer. It is not a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). The data source binds the data to an entity. The data storage is used to manage the data.

When the user enters the data in the application and then submits it, the data is stored in the data source. Also, the front-end application-integrated services are used to fetch the data from the data source and then display it to the user on the application.

The vFlow integrated data source has the following options to integrate with the front-end application:

URL and Webview URL


Data Source helps to bind the data to a particular entity of the flow at any level.

Types :

  1. Online-
    A data source is the location where data that is being used originates from. …
    Concretely, a data source may be a database, a flat file, live measurements
    from physical devices, scraped web data, or any of the myriad static and
    streaming data services which abound across the internet.
    We use ONLINE to get the data from an API. We have to add the name of Service and version number(which are defined through vConnect) to call the API. In datapath, we have to give the path of JSON which we receive from the API that we have to use.

  2. Object
    The ObjectDataSource control uses reflection to create instances of business objects
    and to call methods on them to retrieve, update, insert, and delete data.
    We choose OBJECT when data is already present in our data object and we have to use it for fetching the data.Data will always be picked from the master object using getVal function.

  3. Mock
    A dummy piece of data that you VERIFY is called correctly as part of the test.
    We use MOCK for testing purposes. Sometimes we test our component with dummy data on how our component will look if we add data to it. Here we define a dummy JSON using which it will render the component.

  4. URL
    URL Datasource allows you to connect to any data available on the remote web servers, accessible via URL. This datasource gives you access to various remote REST APIs. HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported and the only allowed method is GET.

  5. Webview URL
    WebView is a view that displays web pages inside your application. HTTP and
    HTTPS protocols are supported and the only allowed method is GET.

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