Error getting the count of records in the Queue component

I am not getting the count of records in the Queue component.


To get the count displayed on the Queue component:

  1. Go to components. Add Queue component and enter the basic details.
  2. If fetching data from an API : Make sure you provide ‘Data source’ as OBJECT along with ‘Data Path’. For example: getVal(“tempObject.dashboard”)
  3. Submit it, Then Elements section will be enabled.
  4. Add Elements within the Queue component.
  5. In properties section of elements: Check in the ‘Show Count’ option.
    Also you can provide Default value there.
  6. In Additional properties section : Provide Data source and Data Path.
  7. Submit the element and Save the component.
  8. Map it to the page. Save , publish the page. Then, sync it with release manager.