Download apk : Application Logo is not in PNG format error

When I try to create a mobile apk, many times I get the error that application logo is not in PNG format. Kindly suggest what to do.


@aakriti.kamboj @vipin.verma any reason for that

People generally try to upload a JPG/JPEG file for LOGO which can be the reason for this issue. Even if you change the extension of the image to PNG still build will be failed and you will receive the same error.
It is suggested to use correct PNG image to upload as LOGO then this error will not occur.

Below is the attached screenshot of error which comes in mail as attached console logs.


Hello Folks,
Yes , The solution given by @tushar.jain is absolutely correct.
But I would like to add one more point in this. If you want to add app logo icon according to your project and provided icon is in png format. You can see this error even if the resolution is not compromised. Android and iOS resolution compatible comes with a website called App Icon Generator ( If you upload the png format given to you through this web site, this web site will give you a different resolution specific to Android and iOS.
You can install the icon according to your requirement by picking it from here. Then this error will not come to you.

App Icon Generator website SS attached for your reference