Does vFlow allow creation of Dashboards? Are there Dashboard Components like Charts and Graphs, Tables, Timelines, Tree View etc?

What are the componenets available that can help create enterprise dashboards for management. What are the componenets that are for data visualization? Is there a master list of compoenents?



Yes, the dashboard in vFlow provides users with a page where they can view information presented in various formats, such as charts, graphs, and special highlighted cards.

vFlow offers a range of features, including a dedicated component called the “Queue Component,” designed specifically for displaying Info cards. These cards showcase important information in a visually appealing manner.

Moreover, vFlow allows seamless integration of charts, leveraging the power of Apache ECharts, a powerful charting library.

All these components collectively contribute to the rich set of vFlow components available for creating dynamic and informative dashboards.

For a comprehensive demonstration of vFlow’s capabilities and features, you can explore the vFlow Sample app with all features.

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Thanks Vinay. This is helpful