Do’s and don’ts of community

Let’s work together to create a thriving community environment:

  1. Avoid Duplicates: Before posting, please ensure your question or topic is unique and not a duplicate of existing content.
  2. Clear Problem Explanation: When starting a new discussion, provide a clear description of your issue. Include screenshots, code snippets, and steps you’ve taken so far. This will help others understand and respond quickly.
  3. Original Content: Instead of copying content from other websites, consider sharing a link to Vahana Academy. This way, updates there will automatically reflect in your post here.
  4. Respectful Interaction: Treat fellow community members with respect. Ask questions politely and acknowledge helpful answers by marking them as solved.
  5. Correct Categorization: When creating new topics, choose the appropriate categories and tags to ensure your content is easily discoverable by others.
  6. Update Profile: It seems like a simple but it greatly improves the user experience and credibility of the user. You can update your profile in My Profile section.

By following these guidelines, we can build a supportive and vibrant community together.