Creating Interdependent Dropdown Menus: Automatically Disable One Dropdown Upon Selection in the Other

How can I configure two dropdown menus so that when a selection is made in one dropdown, it automatically disables or blocks the other dropdown menu?

1.Identify the BR to Achieve Functionality:

You need to create a business rule (BR) that governs the behavior of two dropdown menus.

2. Define BR Condition:

The condition for this BR is to compare the value of the first dropdown with null. If the value of the first dropdown is not null, then the second dropdown should be disabled.

3. Select the OnClick Event and Task:

You need to select the appropriate event trigger for the BR. In this case, it seems like you’re suggesting an OnClick event for the first dropdown. The task associated with this event would be to enable/disable the second dropdown based on the condition defined in the BR.

4. Implementation:

Implement the BR in your code or business rules engine. When the user interacts with the first dropdown (presumably by clicking it), the event handler associated with the OnClick event should check the value of the dropdown. If it’s not null, then disable the second dropdown

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