Can we open any URL in Default browser of the mobile using vDesigner

IF we want to redirect user to some website out of the application. For example I want to open How can we achieve that?


Open External Url task is a feature provided so that one can open an url in the device browser or native app to that url. This supports pdf, docs, apk, ipa… etc all urls. If the native app for that url is not available then the file will be opened/downloaded in the native device browser, if the native app is available then it will ask, in which app to open the following url.

Steps to configure a Open External Url Task:-

Step 1: Click on the add action on any component and search for “open external url”.

Step 2: Click on it and the task config page will open as shown below.

URL for Android/URL for IOS:- these url fields are specific to android/IOS devices. For example if an url is given to download an apk and another url for ipa, then these should be put in their respective fields. Apk url will be proved in the URL for Android field and ipa in URL for IOS.

NOTE:- if your application is available for android as well as ios devices you should provide URLs in both the fields even if the url is same. For example, if you want to open a pdf through an url, then the same url should be provided in both the fields as the data is picked according to the specific device.

Step 3: Save and migrate the configuration from publish components section.


Can this URL be called as a post what I mean by that is if I want to access this URL using an access token which is posted using an authentication token would I be able to do that?

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Using workaround we can add query parameters in that URL and open it then. But as part of product task and solution it is not there. We can do the same for inAppWebview but not for opening a URL in external web view browser.