Can we connect AWS EC2 instance to S3 without exposing Access Key and Secret Key to DMS Microservice?

Due to some security reason client not want to share S3 Access Key and Secret Key. Is there any way to connect our DMS microservice without these keys.


Yes, We can easily connect our DMS microservice to S3 without Access Key and Secret Key.

Please follow below steps:

  1. Create a S3 role with all required permission on AWS console.
  2. Attached that role to EC2 Instance where DMS microservice is running.
  3. Update StorageDetails.json in DMS microservice:
    storageIdWithoutKeys”: {
    “storageType”: “S3”,
    “bucket”: “your-bucket-name”,
    isCredentialsRequired”: “N”,
    “region”: “your-region”,
    “bucketType”: “private”,
    “fetchType”: “view”
    “storageIdWithKeys”: {
    “storageType”: “S3”,
    “secureKey”: “your-secure-key”,
    “accessKey”: “your-access-key”,
    “bucket”: “your-bucket-name”,
    “region”: “your-region”,
    “bucketType”: “public”,
    “fetchType”: “download”