Can we achieve Masking in vDesigner 1.0?

Is there any kind of masking available in vDesigner 1.0? If yes, can we implement real time masking ?


Yes, Real time masking is available.

Real time masking, masks characters on the basis of the masking theme provided.

To enable Real Time Masking, one has to provide the masking scheme field.

Here is the Sample of Masking Scheme:-

(L8)* :- L represents the direction Left

8 represents the number of characters from the direction left

  • represents the masking character

Similarly the directions can be :- L,R,-R,-L

-L is the same as R

-R is the same as L

NOTE:- masking character can be character, special character, digit

Real time masking can only be configured for the given subtypes of Textfield:-

C,CT,N,AU,AL,A,AT,CU,CL. And wont work in any other control subtypes or control types

Also when a field is used for masking, the selection of characters as well as going back to random characters has been disabled to handle the task properly.