Assign a record to two different roles at same time

We want to assign a Lead to two different Roles at same times. For example: On the case submission from Mobile App, assign that record to DVU for document verification & at same time assign that record to Credit Manager for credit verification.

Is that possible in Workflow & ACL module?

If Yes, how.

Yes, it is possible to assign a Lead to two different roles simultaneously.

How to Achieve this:

  • In the Workflow module, the assignment of a record is often based on an event or a change in the Task Status.
  • You can configure multiple Access Control List (ACL) rules that are triggered by specific events or Task Status updates.
  • With this configuration, you can assign a single record to multiple roles, locations, or users simultaneously based on the criteria you set in the ACL module.
  • In your scenario, upon case submission from the Mobile App, you can configure one ACL rule to assign the record to the DVU for document verification and another ACL rule to simultaneously assign the same record to the Credit Manager for credit verification.