What is the use of build version in the downloads section?

What is the use of build version at the time of downloading build in vFlow?


Build version property in the Downloads section is used to show the updated build version on the login custom page. This helps the user to keep track of the builds that are downloaded. Also, to verify if the latest build has been successfully deployed or not.

Configuration in Downloads section:

Enter the Build Version in the Application Properties section while creating a web build.

Login Custom Page on execution engine:

By default, the Build Version Number will be visible below the Action Button at the bottom of the screen as shown in the below image.

Configuration in vFlow Mini Designer:
To change the position of Version Number, navigate to the Custom pages Tab, add or edit the Login page and select ‘Version number position’ in the Basic Details.

Version number position: Bottom

Version number position - Top


Build version is similar to the app version in play store.
It is a unique number or set of numbers assigned to a specific release of the build.


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