What is the meaning of Task Status Category

What is the meaning of Task Status Category (Success, Failure, Open, WIP) in Task Status area in Workflow Module


the Task Status Category, which includes statuses like Success, Failure, Open, and WIP, has a specific meaning within the Workflow Module. These status categories help us understand the state of tasks as they progress through a workflow.

  1. Success: This status indicates that a task has been completed successfully. It means that the task was executed without any issues and achieved its intended goal.
  2. Failure: When a task is marked as Failure, it means that something went wrong during its execution. The task did not accomplish its purpose, and there may be errors or issues that need attention.
  3. Open: Tasks with an Open status are those that are pending or have not been started yet. They are on the to-do list and have not yet entered the active work phase.
  4. WIP (Work in Progress): WIP signifies that a task is currently being actively worked on. It is in progress and hasn’t been completed yet.

These task status categories are essential for tracking and managing tasks within the Workflow Module, allowing users to quickly assess the state of each task and take appropriate actions as needed.

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