What is BFSI Connector?

What is BFSI Connector?

The BFSI Connector Microservice is the cornerstone of data management, providing a consistent and standardized structure for executing CRUD operations with databases for client applications .

To store user input data, like when opening a Current Account (CA) or Savings Account (SA), client applications such as mobile apps or web apps need to access backend APIs. These backend APIs are responsible for connecting to the database and handling Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations on the data.
To ensure a more secure and efficient approach, we can utilize BFSI Microservice and its APIs. This Microservices act as an intermediary layer, connecting the client application’s backend code to the database. This way, we avoid directly linking the client’s backend code to the databases, providing better organization, security, and flexibility.

The BFSI-Connector microservice plays a crucial role in managing transaction data,
encompassing stakeholder information, business details, lead-related data,account form related data and any other custom data if needed. Its primary function is to break down complex JSON structures into manageable parts and store and retrieve them in an organized manner. When integrated into a project, this service automatically generates tables such as AOF, Stakeholders, Leads,BusinessEntity,CustomEntity and more, effectively handling nearly 90% of the data storage needs.

This microservice offers a range of APIs, enabling you to save, delete, and retrieve details effortlessly. Additionally, it allows you to define your JSON structure that aligns perfectly with your specific table and use cases, offering a high degree of flexibility and customization.

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