Vahana Release

29th February 2024

What’s New in vDesigner 2.0?

Smart Selector Integration in Tasks

We have included a smart selector to the tasks in vDesigner 2.0, enabling the user to pick data from entities or elements. Additionally, users can utilize a static function to add data statically.

Key Benefits & Feature:

  • The user will have the ability to choose data via static functions, entities, and elements, check the table mentioned below to check the implemented smart selectors in relevant fields.
  • Users will be able to dynamically choose the route for Load, Load Current, and Delete entities. Additionally, a search feature for entity selection is introduced respectively.


  • Backward compatibility ensured, previously used values remain visible in enhanced fields, but editing necessitates clearing the field or adding new data from the smart selector.
Task Smart Selector Introduction
Call Enter Mobile Number
Load Entity Path
Save Location Path
Delete Entity Path
Open Whatsapp Enter Mobile Number
Enter Message
Open Maps Enter Longitude
Enter Latitude
QR Code Scanner Output Location
Install App Enter App Name
Load Current Entity Path
Primary Key
Open Message Enter Mobile Number, Enter Message
Delete Data Select Data
Open Web Enter URL

Table: represents the implemented smart selectors in relevant fields.

Figure: represents the smart selector integration in tasks.

Network Connectivity Messaging

Problem Statement: The current version of the application built on vDesigner 2.0 lacks proper indication for users when there is an interruption in the data connection. To enhance user experience and provide clear feedback, this feature introduces network connection status indicators for both Android and iOS devices & Web Build also.

Solution: An alert will be displayed indicating network connection status if the user launches the application and their mobile device does not have a data connection, or if the internet connection fails while the application is running.

  • Provides a clear message about the status of the network connection, which enhances user experience.
  • Improves application dependability by taking proactive measures to fix network-related problems.

Figure: represents the Network Connectivity Messaging

Bug Fixes

Designer 2.0


  • Resolved an issue that was generating simultaneous canvas loading problems after returning from preview; users were instructed to reload the designer or switch pages.
  • Removed unnecessary error message display on a blank page when a user drops a row on the canvas.


  • Fixed the smart selector value clearing issue so that values are appropriately cleared from particular tasks while not affecting identical tasks in multi-task circumstances.
  • Fixed the inability to map sub-entities in the Invoke SDK task’s output location.
  • Fixed a backward compatibility issue by displaying previously used URLs in the Open Web task’s static function.
  • Resolved the issue of picking child entities created in Data Modeller under the configure service task
  • Resolved an issue of API widget response handling issue in Configure Service Task.