Single user multiple session | Single user single session

We are having two applications created on Vahana.

As per Business need, Client wants that Application 1 users can login to multiple devices at same time, i.e. Single User multiple session are allowed.

In Application 2, a user can login in one device at a time i.e Single user single device is allowed.

Please help how to configure this in Vahana.


If these are two different applications i.e. two appid in Vahana then you can configure the same using module “Security Access Policy” on Vahana Home Page. Attached screen shot for reference.

Multiple Session allowed =Y/N is configured at APP_ID level, so if two applications (Mobile application & Web application) are using the same APP ID, in that case it will be common setting for both the applications.


What if we have an vDesigner mobile application & a custom Angular web portal on the same APP_ID?
and we want to disable Multiple session


@VivekBhardwaj : Right now it is not possible. Need to create different app id for such use cases.

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