Role of On Node click type Event?

What is the role of (On Node click) event in vflow :thinking:??


The role of On Node click event

If the button is pressed on one element and the pointer is moved outside the element before the button is released, the event is fired on the most specific ancestor element that contains both elements. click fires after both the mousedown and mouseup events have fired, in that order.

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Can you please elaborate the application of this event, when and where it is used?


In vFlow, On Node Click event is used for TREEVIEW Component. It works just like On Click event. Event will be triggered when the user clicks on a node item of the tree.


It is completely redundant and should be removed or hidden from user.

Because when you bind event to any element, component, or page it is assumed what kind of event will be fired and you can select any event for that matter.

@ShraddhaDhoke any comments on this.

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