Relevance of "Reload Element" field in Copy Data Task?

What is a relevance of “Reload Element” field in Copy Data Task?


If a user intends to modify the value of elements and display or utilize it within a specific element, the user must trigger a reload of the element using this parameter.


@Vikas_Malik could you pls explain this with an example?


In vDesigner 2.0 If you use copy data and you want to reflect it on the element then you must perform the reload element (Similar to refresh in vDesigner 1.0) through which it will fetch the data again from it’s associated path. Because in vDesigner 2.0 there is no direct element available for copying.
There are multiple data stores and everything is binded with it.
For example you are copying a whole json object and multiple keys are binded with different set of elements in the UI. then we either need to perform reload task or there is a internal functionality available as reload elements selector which will trigger the refresh automatically for the selected elements. You can select multiple elements in that also.
Check screenshot below: