Private pages in designer 2.0

Is there a concept of private and public pages in designer 2.0 like we have in Vflow


Yes, Private and Public pages concept is available in new designer. By going to security section you can choose to make a page private.


@tushar.jain thanks for the answer. but do we have to run the auth_vahana and userSession api in order to navigate to that page??

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When a page is set as private, it necessitates the authorization of the session using the Auth API to navigate to private page.


@Vikas_Malik do i have to store the response of the Auth api to a predefined destination or storing it into a temp object will also work?

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System will Identify the success response itself. You don’t have to provide any specific path.
@vinaypratap.singh : Kindly correct If there is any gap.

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