Preview vs Build

Are there any differences between output of preview and build(apk,ipa,web) of an application ?


Yes, there are many differences:

  1. In the preview, We didn’t get the data from “Content-Master”. That’s why you see the Id in the place of the required message. Refer Image.

  2. Preview and build may show different results if the build is not generating from the latest branch.

  3. In the preview, Users have the option to choose various devices like iPhone, Samsung etc.

  4. In the preview, the User can view any page using the left-side app tree but in build, user can only visible the current home page.

  5. In the preview, User has the option to rotate the screen but on the build user doesn’t have this option.


In my opinion, it creates confusion in the mindset of the developer. If we talk about what you see is what you get editors, What you see in preview is always equal and to the real world application, until unless it is using some kind of native functionality of the device

RIght now in New designer functional preview is not available, that is the only major difference in preview and build.
In APK you can experience the whole journey with actual data set and api calling but in Preview functionality you can experience the UI/UX of a single page. You can just verify the placement of the elements. It will not be based on actual data because it is not available in current preview functionality.

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