Logs not showing - consistent issue

Most of the times on sandbox and even on other environments setup at the client’s end, the support teams are unable to provide quick resolution because of lack of logs availability.
It just shows blank screen or a message no records found.
This has been a consistent issue for last 3 years now.

Do we have a permanent solution to this?


Let’s understand why this happens.
It happens because the long shower memory gets filled hundred percent.
This makes new logs stop getting generated.

The solution for this is to install curator service on the server, whether it is sandbox environment or any other environment. Sometimes logs get field before curator job clears the data. This may be because of unidentified bugs and issues in the system.

For example, a customer service, running an infinite loop because of a bug and filling up the logs very quickly.

Unfortunately, there is not a single fix for this what we can do at max is to observe the disk space and turn on the monitor service so that as soon as the desk is getting filled over 80% one gets an email. Hope this answer is your query. Thanks.



Agree, but still no a permanent solution to this without manual intervention.
This actually results in delay in critical instance sometimes and leaves a bad impression on the clients about our product not being stable.


@nimesh.singh @tushar.jain @naks Would like you to make a note of it