List View Task in vDesigner 1.0

What is List View task in vDesigner 1.0 and how it is used?


Listview task is used to show the list of same element just like array. To show the list you must have the data in array and you have to put the path of that array.


When you configure a dashboard card, you can determine which list the card will display after the mobile app uploads the dashboard. You can achieve same objective by applying the List View task. When this task executes, it displays the list as a result of user-action.

When you configure the List View task, you also configure the list ID. Based on the configured list ID, the app displays the list after the List View task executes. This task allows you to configure the list ID on the on-click event or similar types of user-performed actions.

You can refer this document for better clarity -


Thanks Ritik for the clarification.

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