Journey vs application

Any thoughts on how the two terms are different? What do they apply to? What are some distinguishing features of digital app versus traditional applications?

Everything is an application.

When we say journey, we typically mean a special kind of application which enables application owners to onboard their clients on the platform.

E.g. A user who want to open a savings account might do this with the help of bank’s SA on-boarding application.

The application flow from start till the user is on-boarded is referred as his/her onboarding

Hope this clears your doubt.

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Thanks @DebugHorror - it sounds like an opinion which I highly respect but I am looking for defining characteristics. For example

  1. One lead one transaction. A user is onboarded once and only once for a product unlike say a sales app where a customer may place several orders

  2. One journey may last from several minutes to several days as opposed to a typical transaction that gets over as soon as data entry is done and validated

  3. A journey is often about ONE primary entity unlike an inventory or sales application that involve multiple entities like item, vendor, customer, manufacturer etc.

I may be wrong in some of my suggestions but this is the kind of discussions I’m looking for. Let’s try to work together on this. Interestingly this characteristic of ONE primary entity is what makes JSON based design a possibility. Think how will it be to try to design inventory management on this pattern

@Vikas_Dhillon, @shivang.garg, @ankit jain - your valuable thoughts please?


This is the reference definition I found on internet

“Onboarding journey apps” typically refer to software applications or tools that facilitate the entire process of onboarding for new users or customers. These apps guide users through a series of steps, tutorials, and interactions that help them become familiar with a product or service. The term “journey” suggests that the onboarding process is a guided path that users follow

These apps only deal with the journey of user onboarding.