Invoke entity Task

Invoke entity task is not working properly.


Hi @aakriti.kamboj , the question in inadequate and will rarely get any traction.

Please explain:

What have you tried?

What is not working?

Screenshot if available

Basically, The exact scenario is that whenever I log into the screen it keeps on loading. Although I have checked all the configurations of API and other tasks.


@aakriti.kamboj Got your point.

  1. Pls make sure that all the tasks are configured properly within the task group.
  2. Yes, This issue may arise because of the ‘Invoke_Entity’ task:
    a. If you have provided the Element Id or the component Id in configuration section. Make
    sure it is same as per the fields.
    b. Also pls unselect the box of ‘Current page refresh’. Which refreshes the page all over
    c. Apart from these steps: Bind a component to the page otherwise the loader will be
    there on the screen.

basically it goes into the infinte loop.

invoke entity task is used for refresh the page. we can refresh any element, component, pae as well according to our requirement.

steps are :
go to taskgroup
select invoke entity
map your element or component or page
and map this taskgroup in event.
then event should be map in right way that event does not go in infinite loop.

so @simran.sachdeva you told about the loader in the screen that is basicaly infinite loop.