Integration of Admin Portal User management with HRMs system

In our project users details are available in Bank HRMS system. Can admin portal be integrated with Bank Hrms system?

If yes, please share the approach.

Yes, HRMS System can be integrated with Admin Portal. There can be two type of approaches that can be used to do this.

Approach-1 (Client System can push the data):

Suppose Client says that our system can consume your apis, please provide your apis and we will integrate with our system. In that case all the APIs of Admin Portal will be configured in vConnect and will be exposed to their system. Whenever there will be any event in their system they need to call our APIs and our APIs will do their functionality.

Approach-2 (Client System can not push the data, we need to pull data at regular interval):

In this case, we need to create a vSchedular Job in Vahana that have Data Source as Client API and Data Processor as Admin Portal APIs. It means, it will call first Client API, whatever will come from Client API, it will translate that as per Admin Portal API and call the Admin Portal API.