How we can use the image icon in the hamburger drawer

How we can use the image icon in the hamburger drawer.


This is a menu icon that contains a collection of different menus such as change Password, sign out, Terms and Conditions, FAQ(s), my profile, and others.

For Applying the Image icon in the Hamburger Drawer:

  • In the left navigation pane, click Modules, and the navigation panel expands. In the panel, click Hamburger drawer, and a dialog box opens.
  • In the dialog box, enter values in the respective boxes/lists as follows:
  • Drawer Name: Enter the name of the existing drawer: DRAWER_HOME.
  • Menu Item Caption Name: enter the name of menu item (For example: - Change Password)
  • Section_sort_seq: enter the order number of menu items.
  • Image: You can enter the icon’s name that you want to use as the icon of the respective menu.
    For Delete you can use ic_drop, For Home icon you can use ic_home. If you want to show an image from google you can provide the URL here.


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You can refer to below documentation for vDesigner 1.0:

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