How we can mask Aadhar Image?

Client requirements is to mask the Aadhar Number Immediately when customer upload the Aadhar Image.
How we can do this?


For this we can developed an API as below:

  1. Frontend will upload the Aadhar Image to DMS and send the DMS_ID to the API.
  2. At the backend, Fetch the Document from DMS by Id.
  3. Then send the document URL to any Aadhar Masking Vendor(Karza, IDFY), It will gives the masked Aadhar Image.
  4. Now get the Media Object Data from DMS by Id.
  5. Now delete document from DMS by Id.
  6. Finally upload the Masked Aadhar Image with same media object data to DMS.

Some project are using this and its working fine.