How to use Image as a navigational link in vFlow?

I have a requirement in which i want to click on a image and Navigate to a Page.

For the above mentioned requirement please follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Navigate to the Component tab and click on the Add Component button to open the component list.
  2. Select the FV component from the list.
  3. Enter basic details, select the appropriate properties, select template 3 in the UI properties section, add datasource and submit the component.
  4. Navigate to the Element tab and click on Add Elements button to open the Elements list.
  5. Select the Image element and enter basic details.
  6. Enter the image link in the default value of properties section, go to additional properties and select source type as Object and enter random path in Datapath eg. getVal(‘image’)
  7. Add an Onclick event with a navigate task which will navigate to the desired page.
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