How to show custom label in header element

How to configure a label where half part of the data will be static and other half will be dynamic. Also, different css properties must be applied to differentiate them from each other.


You can achieve this through GroupElement Element in Header.

To configure this -

Configure a header, fill out the basic details, Then go to element section of Header.

Click add Element.
Select Group Element.

Fill the basic details .

Here you will see a Element mapping option , in which you have to enter the serial no. of the both label elements of the header which you wants to group.
Select Header label in used for dropdown.

After this you have to make two different label elements
(One, in which the Label will be static and used for dropdown will be selected as Header Label )

(Second, in which the Label is dynamic and used for dropdown will be selected as Header Label)

By using this method you will be able add CSS separately to both the headers.


As a reference you can consider the below screenshot -

Here, different CSS is applied on both the Label elements of Header. (Static header - Add New Contact and Dynamic company name - Renault4 )