How to pass any header keys to backend system or REST/SOAP API

How to pass any header keys to backend system, DBES or REST/SOAP API in vConnect?
This could in an existing or new API.


Header keys are used in API execution. This is required when we need to send extra header keys via an API.

A user can configure headers for each and every API of the service through this module by clicking on add new Header in header configuration section.

Follow below steps to send header key(s) in any REST/SOAP API:

  1. Go to vConnect

  2. Got o “API management”

  3. If you want to add the header keys in an existing API, search for that API & click on the “Edit” (image) action icon

  4. Then click on “End point Header Details” tab and you will see below:

  5. Click on “+Add New Header Details”

  6. A small form will open up asking the details, as below:

  7. Enter the key name & select the “Source of Value” as Header

  8. From the value drop-down, you will get a list of options available:

  9. Choose the relevant header key & Click on “Update” button.

  10. Now, go to “Service management” tab and search for the service of that API for which you have added the header key

  11. Update the service as is & Sync
    Once, it is successfully synced, you will notice that the header keys & their values are being received in the request.